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That’s your Mother you’re addressing

Out of her womb, she bore you, all of you!

Maybe the mysterious few, pulled a fast one

Changed up your certificate of birth

Went off with your memory in a hearse

But no matter how color blind, or color defined you’ve become

So called white, black, red, or yellow

You watch your mouth

That’s your Mother You’re addressing

Respect Ah Free Ka!

A free spirit, residing in the vessel of a continent

I’m talking Mama Africa!

Watch your Mouth…respectfully

That’s your offspring you’re addressing

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, wait Mama, do not get the switch

Let me watch MY mouth!

I’ll say it more respectful. I’m not trying to be disrespectful

I come as a child, but Mama, the message, this wisdom remains the same

Mama, provoke not your children

Because for a lifetime, your honor we shall defend

But you can’t with your tongue, or your attitude commit the same sin

You can NEVA disown your offspring

Yes, Kids will be Kids, they misbehave

Some behind the scenes bad influencers messed with their brain

Tricked some of them into thinking they were inhumane

Tricked the other of them into the mindset of supremacy, false security,

As if their self -proclaimed dominance would forever reign

But Mama, Your Wisdom though prevails, behind & under the ruins

It will reign again, and be passed down

For your blood we carry, even to our grave

So, you should NEVA look down on your babies, we’re learning to walk again

Help us and we help you, you may discover we both need to be saved

You Watch Your Mouth

That’s your siblings you’re addressing

Quit your wretched name calling, or your so-called playful banter

Yardie, This, Yankee That, no harm done right?

But wait a minute…

Coolie This, Nigga that…oh hold on “Nigger” That

Shall I keep going?

White Trash This,

Oreo That, Sand Nigga this

Oh no, don’t get offended now

Ya’ll started, I’m just recording how ya’ll sound

All my melanated Trinis, Jamaicans, Haitians, all of the Caribbean

Wave Yuh Flags!

All my melanated southern belles and boys, and my Melanin Magic brothas and sistas up north, south, west, and east of these Americas

All my melanated Hispanics, todo mi familia Negra y marron

Stand Up!

Aboard this Black Caravan of Love! It is a Family Affair! Let us Make Mama Proud

But for God Sake, Watch Your Mouth

That’s your Mother you’re addressing

And your siblings are a blessing

Instead of ineffective competition, look at us together bringing an array of renditions

We all bring a special flava, that sauce, that drip, a plethora of style and abundance of dressing

Look at all the beautiful fabric and linen invented that we all be dressing in

Because you get it from your Momma

Out of her womb, she bore you, all of you!

All my pearl skinned Caucasians, Europeans, and Asians, People all over this planet

If you gonna be genuinely down for the cause, come correct

You’re part of the Human Family, Be a part of the solution or step back

Just Watch your Mouth

Cuz That’s your Mother you’re addressing

To all, Resurrect your Memory

No matter how grown you get, with your own sub families and stuff

Offspring, where you came from, never forget; Mama remember you’ve got work to do too,

We learn from your mistakes, that part of the lesson, let’s not omit

That’s why we should all Watch our Mouths…Words become reality

Just ask the mysterious few that played word scramble with our legacies

But resilient we are, and your honor we shall defend

Respect Ah Free Ka

A free spirit residing in a continent

I’m talking Mama Africa

So, Watch your Mouth!

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