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My Favorite Black Song

My Favorite Black Song

By: Protegee Of Purpose

Black Man

Lyrically blessed is your inspiring confidence and protective vigor

It harmonizes with our feminine anthem of compassion, grace and might

The touch of your story is needed throughout our Spirits airways

Black Man, Come Sing to me

Mighty Warrior, percussion your dashingly handsome wealth that is aesthetic and internal

Please I Plead, Impact the inhabitants within the circumference of this colossal Globe

Repair their willfully ignorant sight

Drown out the badly composed Flatulence that has led to toxic defecation and corrupt fertilization

Orchestrated by its Hideous partnered directors; Greed and Hate

We, Black Women, your graceful potency in this musical nightmare; by your side we will be

Your Precious Songbirds, assisting with this influential instrumental

Collaboration Chords of our tenor vitality and sopranic value

A duet Sublime; extraordinarily powerful

Scaling up despite the booby traps of the efforts of the righters who were blocked

We stay sharp; we lift up our flats

Charmingly major; We’re C Major no doubt

Minors we never were;

The ill sounded defect was our dulled musical key; Left out by unfair players

Now doing away with Biased Ghost writers

Now Effectuating, conquering, winning back the heart

The admiring glance of our God-given rights

Synchronize well, My Favorite Black Song!

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