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Hidden Messages

Hidden Messages

By: Protegee Of Purpose

Hidden messages encapsulated in melanated bottles

Seeping out uncaulked cracks

Its content potent, like powerful potions

Like immortal Giants, circulating, manifesting unfolding

Majestic testimonies in harmonized hymns, coded

How Beautiful the sound, transcending Hidden messages glottal?

Gifted Characteristics, landscaping the Creator’s breathtaking Gardens

Empires and Kingdoms, blueprints and movements

Clearly Royal, is messages hidden in hidden messages crown

It’s creator attests to this; Is this why they frown?

Hidden messages untamed, its code decoded

Adversaries bellow and proclaim

Grab it, Contain it!!! It’s rebirth control it!

Before it’s too late! Stat! Plan B! Destroy it, Maim it

All its Glory, Capture! Lifeless, no morning after!

Ravenous, Gluttonous Beasts, Hunting Fiending upon the meat of Hidden Messages Precious adornment

Ripping Apart intimate colonies;

Silenced is Hidden messages Herbal Acoustics

Communicating sustenance and immunity;

edifying the science of our cubic Rubik’s

Moving Messages of Hidden Messages to one accord, now they’re just miming in toxic

Intoxicated; in bastardized logic

Fast Forward; New tricks up sleeves

Changes and reparations, all an illusion

As if we’re moving forward, fast;

Daily, walks past Characters and Charades

Friends, New Faces wearing masks; Masquerade

Resurrected Spirits of Undercover thieves

Lost in transition is Hidden messages Paper Trail

Wicked Witches in Power, Shred Traces of Letters Written in black

Repairing the puzzle; Deem it criminal defense… Black Mail

Disrupted is Hidden Messages School of Thought

Zapped in the tangled web of His Story, History

Outlined with Jealousy; Fairy Tale, Snow White

Hidden Messages, in the ground, Stained

For the Pit of Hell to obtain

The blood of its pedigree

Its content potent, like powerful potions

Vaporized, ascending anew; Royal Plasma crystallized, falling as magical dew

Hidden Message, Resilient is your Genealogy, Fight Through!

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