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What is Ekphrastic Poetry ?

“An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work

of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the “action” of a

painting or sculpture, the poet may amplify and expand its meaning.” - Poetry Foundation

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Black Man

Lyrically blessed is your inspiring confidence and protective vigor

It harmonizes with our feminine anthem of compassion, grace and might

The touch of your story is needed throughout our Spirits airways

Black Man, Come Sing to me


Mighty Warrior, percussion your dashingly handsome wealth that is aesthetic and internal

Please I Plead, Impact the inhabitants within the circumference of this colossal Globe

Repair their willfully ignorant sight

Drown out the badly composed Flatulence that has led to toxic defecation and corrupt fertilization

Orchestrated by its Hideous partnered directors; Greed and Hate


We, Black Women, your graceful potency in this musical nightmare; by your side we will be

Your Precious Songbirds, assisting with this influential instrumental 

Collaboration Chords of our tenor vitality and sopranic value

A duet Sublime; extraordinarily powerful

Scaling up despite the booby traps of the efforts of the righters who were blocked


We stay sharp; we lift up our flats

Charmingly major; We’re C Major no doubt

Minors we never were; 

The ill sounded defect was our dulled musical key; Left out by unfair players


Now doing away with Biased Ghost writers

Now Effectuating, conquering, winning back the heart

The admiring glance of our God-given rights

Synchronize well, My Favorite Black Song!

By Protegee of Purpose


BY: Protegee of Purpose


INSECURITIES! Insecurities is the agent of many things ugly!

Envy, Control, Selfishness, Codependency, Jealousy, Manipulation

Sense-of Entitlement, Doubt, Being Judgmental, Self-Pity, Arrogance

Rebelliousness, Belittling, Need for Superiority, Excess Attention, Deceitfulness

Camouflage of one’s true Self/Masking, Hypocrisy, Overcompensating

The List goes on! 


It robs identities! It Produces Hate and Evil!

It makes you cry out; WHY ME?!! What was the purpose of me being born?

To deal with what seems to be a Ferris wheel of Torture, day in, day out!! 

Like HIV, it spreads affecting & effecting generations, after generations, after generations

Like the destructive, evil, and unquenchable Virus it is!

The Human Race, Our Human Minds as the Comfy Host in which Insecurities Viciously invades

Making our Minds as its Shelter, Violently Conquering Material and inhabitants within

Our Experiences, Thoughts, our cognitive photo album, our Memories

Draining our Energy



Hi-Jacked our systems; the way we were to function, Our Cultures, Lifestyles

We were to be Pure, Orderly, and Unified

Insecurities Corrupted and Weakened our Systems, our Environment, a People Past & Present

My Surrounding Environment, Their Surrounding Environment all internal and external factors 

Taking part in this Nasty, Monstrous infection of Insecurity!

I’ve been both the Attacker, and Victim! We all have!

Question Though? Do I/ you continue spreading and infecting, or get treated?

Do we keep harping on who transmitted the disease, this unapologetic virus, to us and to our attackers, or get treated?

When it’s all said it done, everyone will get treated, but it won’t be of you!

In this life, in this realm of existence is only the Clinic. You can only get Treated!

Treatment includes Your Sincerest desire and willingness to be Just ; True Ownership of all of you, good and ugly

Unbiased and forthright feedback of loved ones

As potent and bitter as Medicine, it will NOT taste good

It’s Consumption like a child, you will prolong

Attempts to justify why it isn’t YOU that needs the treatment will arise

Love, if you don’t take it, symptoms get worse

The Painful Warts and Blisters of Life gets larger

You’ll suffocate and die a dreadful death, internal

When you awaken, the pain and agony will not have left you

Still there for you to deal with


But One Spoonful, just one Spoonful will do you well.

Leading you to take ownership of YOUR mistakes and irresponsibility that YOU Had power to manage

You’ll be able to breathe again; more freely, more purposefully

After the bitter taste has left, you can enjoy the juices of sweetness

YES! We were dealt a hand of imbalance. 

I know we’ve been told you can’t be cured; that there’s no hope, but that’s not true!

 We were given a certain amount of Power within; Divine Intervention

It’s time for Mind Restoration

Come with me! Get Treated, so you can live with less strife, healthy; Inward Herbal Life!

Untitled2_20210114224939 (1) (1)_edited.

Hidden messages encapsulated in melanated bottles

Seeping out uncaulked cracks

Its content potent, like powerful potions

Like immortal Giants, circulating, manifesting unfolding  

Majestic testimonies in harmonized hymns, coded

How Beautiful the sound, transcending Hidden messages glottal?


Gifted Characteristics, landscaping the Creator’s breathtaking Gardens

Empires and Kingdoms, blueprints and movements

Clearly Royal, is messages hidden in hidden messages crown

It’s creator attests to this; Is this why they frown?

Hidden messages untamed, its code decoded

Adversaries bellow and proclaim

Grab it, Contain it!!! It’s rebirth control it!

Before it’s too late! Stat! Plan B! Destroy it, Maim it

All its Glory, Capture! Lifeless, no morning after!


Ravenous, Gluttonous Beasts, Hunting Fiending upon the meat of Hidden Messages Precious adornment

Ripping Apart intimate colonies; 

Silenced is Hidden messages Herbal Acoustics 

Communicating sustenance and immunity; 

edifying the science of our cubic Rubik’s

Moving Messages of Hidden Messages to one accord, now they’re just miming in toxic

Intoxicated; in bastardized logic


Fast Forward; New tricks up sleeves

Changes and reparations, all an illusion 


As if we’re moving forward, fast; 

Hidden Messages

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