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Mission Statement

Melonin’ in your Melanin is to prosper and spread the energy and seed of your innate greatness,

in all primary survival areas of Life; To value the power of your Beautiful Melanin Skin. To do

that, one must have the bravery, confidence, humility, and willingness to be a life-long student of

“Purpose”….Your Purpose; Despite systems that have and continues to oppress, miseducate,

misdirect, and hurt our  Powerful Minds and Spirits. 


Here at Protegee of Purpose, LLC, we are driven and passionate about being a conduit of a

wealth of edification, encouragement, and uplifting for a Black Race through creative lingo and

Art Collaboration, inspired by an Ekphrastic Poetry Art form. Our products come with the

sincerest thoughts of you in mind,  rekindling your faith and remembrance in who you are and

nudging you to live in, regain, and maintain your power and purpose of being the Extraordinary

Kings and Queens you are and/or come from.  Consider us like your big hearted best friend that

keeps in touch, checks- in on you and the fam to leave a word of encouragement, drops gems,

pep talk you, bring positive vibes, and makes you smile or chuckle as you power through this

journey of life.  I want to see you “Melonin.”

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