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The owner of Protegee of Purpose, LLC is a Philadelphia native, aware of her African Ancestry. She is a true creative visionary, writer, poet, and humanitarian. Her humanitarian efforts specifically focus on positively impacting the lives of people perceived and treated as "the underdog", Melanated People of African descent all across the globe.  


As a child, she always visualized being a teacher or a business woman. What she didn’t understand as a child, was the power of manifestation. Her Visions as a child became real life first as a preschool teacher for 8 years from 2010 to 2018.  Currently, as an Entrepreneur and CEO of Protegee of Purpose, LLC, she edifies, encourages, and uplifts as she did with her preschoolers in her teaching career. Now, she’s both an aspiring teacher for the young and old, and businesswoman, which is proof that she is a Protegee of Purpose.

 Protegee of Purpose has been inspired and encouraged to delve and indulge in the studies of Black History beyond what was deceitfully taught to Black communities across the country and world. Protegee of Purpose awakened to the idea of using her writing gift and the gift of Art by other Artists to effectuate the lives of people via apparel, accessories, and home decor through an art form called Ekphrastic Poetry! 

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